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John P

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Thank you for the kind comments, I have a small B & B, google “old cobargo convent”, we are just north of Bega and any 2cv owner is always welcome for a night on us, the invitation is there and you will get to drive both ends of the spectrum,
Rob and Pam

Beautiful facilities and the NSW South coast. What a combination! You’d better look out! I’ve just begun my 2CV project and you inspire me to get it finished quickly so we can visit. What an amazing find in a low-mileage, superb condition 1959 car. you really have hit the 2CV jackpot on your first try, Rob. Well done. There is a Jensen interceptor mk 2 down our way that has a Triumph Spitfire for a stablemate but you have well & truly trumped that for any automotive odd-couple award. There are a few interceptors around but I’ve never seen a C-V8 here before. How many would there be in the country?